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All RLA Volunteer coaches are required to obtain background checks prior to coaching in the RLA program. 

We utilize the US Lacrosse Background Check Service which can be found at: www.uslacrosse.org


The procedure is as follows:

1) Log in to www.uslacrosse.org and sign in to "MY ACCOUNT" using your US Lacrosse Member Login Credentials. (You need to do this so that the next step will recognize you as a Ridgewood Lacrosse Association member)

2) Select "Background Check" on the Vertical Menu on the left hand page.

a) You will be directed to the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) where you are automatically given an RLA-dedicated code to begin entering the background check information

3) There are multiple pages of data entry plus a number of waivers/disclaimers. Please complete the entire process.

4) Payment can be made by MC/Visa and Paypal.  It should cost approx $25. 


For a summary of the Background Check Policy of US Lacrosse (which the RLA will adhere to beginning the Spring Season of 2015), please read the following information found in this link: