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2015 Registration Continues through January 6th  -- DONT MISS OUT!!!  Register on time!!
Girls Program Travel Tryout Dates

Please note the following  dates for GIRLS TRAVEL tryouts:

Feb 6th, 8th, 10th and 13th (specific date per grade level to be announced later in January)

Time will be 6-9:30 p.m. 

Each grade level will have 2 tryouts dates  and each session will be 1.5 hours long

There will be no tryout for 4th Grade

Questions should be directed to Girls Program Director Lauren Auerbach@ 



posted 12/16/2014
Cascade Re-Fit for "R" series Helmets

The re-fit requires four additional pieces of foam padding (2 in the front and 2 on top). Cascade has posted a “solution" on their website It takes all of 5 minutes plus a trip to your local UPS store. The below steps outline the process.


  1. Click on the this hyperlink:
  2. Fill-in the ‘shipping information’ taking care to note the number of R helmets being returned
  3. Click ‘Process Shipment'
  4. Print the shipping label
  5. Go to your local UPS store, box and mail the helmet(s)
  6. Cascade says to expect about a two week turnaround

posted 12/15/2014

Ridgewood Lacrosse Association Spring 2015


Registration ends January 6th

Please Register Via Community Pass Using the Below Link:





The RLA is open to all Ridgewood residents and students registered in a Ridgewood Public School in the 2nd through 8th grades.  Changes have been made for the 2015 season.  Please read the registration information carefully. 


AVAILABLE PROGRAMS (for complete program descriptions please see Boys/Girls Program descriptions in left Tab Menu)



2nd grade: Clinic   NEW THIS YEAR!!

3rd grade: House League

4th, 5th & 6th grade: House League only OR  House League plus Travel League tryout

7th & 8th grade: Travel League tryout



2nd grade: Clinic   NEW THIS YEAR!!!

3rd & 4th grade: House League 

5th & 6th grade: House League only

5th & 6th grade: House League plus Travel League tryout

7th & 8th grade: House League only

7th & 8th grade: House League plus Travel League tryout



NOTE: When more than one program option is available, please be sure to select only the one desired option.  Registration changes will not be permitted after the registration deadline.



Registration starts on December 1, 2014 and continues through January 6, 2015.  Registration fills up quickly. Please do not delay. All registrations after January 6th will be placed on a waitlist and will only be accepted on a space available basis as determined by the RLA. Players may be waitlisted prior to the January 6, 2015 deadline, if a specific program reaches capacity prior to that date.



Registrations must be performed online at the Community Pass website (  For each player registered, you will be prompted to select one of the RLA program options above. Registration is not complete until the appropriate program registration fee (detailed below) has been paid online. Payment may ONLY be made by credit card (no cash or checks).  If you do not have access to a computer, you may use the computers available at the Ridgewood Public Library. Fees do not include equipment rental, if applicable. Players who are waitlisted for failure to register by January 6, 2015 and who are later accepted into a program must pay an additional late fee of $50


                                                                                                                   Initial Fee                      Additional Fee

                                                                                                            (at online registration)       (after team selection)

Boys 2nd grade Clinic:                                                                                     $100

Boys 3rd/4th grade House League:                                                                    $150

Boys 5th/6th grade House League:                                                                    $150

Boys 4th/5th/6th grade House League plus Travel League tryout:                     $150                                $100

Boys 7th and 8th grade Travel League tryout:                                                   $150                                 $100


Girls 2nd grade Clinic:                                                                                       $100

Girls 3rd/4th grade House League:                                                                     $150        

Girls 5th/6th grade House League:                                                                     $150

Girls 5th/6th grade House League plus Travel Team tryout:                               $150                                $100

Girls 7th/8th grade House League:                                                                     $150

Girls 7th/8th grade House League plus Travel Team tryout:                               $150                                $100


The RLA may waive some or all fees in cases of financial hardship. For questions regarding the registration process and the programs, please contact Lauren Auerbach at (201) 251-0970 or .




BOYS EQUIPMENT: Boys in 2nd through 6th grades may rent a helmet, gloves, shoulder pads and arm pads for a flat seasonal rental fee of $50 per participant, regardless of what items are rented. Lacrosse sticks are not provided. A signed waiver and a $200 equipment deposit in the form of a check are required at the time of equipment pick-up.  Boys in 7th and 8th grade must provide their own equipment.  


          GIRLS EQUIPMENT: All girls in the 3rd through 8th grades must provide their own protective eye wear (goggles) and girls

          lacrosse stick.  The RLA provides mouth guards.


EQUIPMENT PICK-UP: Equipment pick-up dates generally occur in February and will be announced following the close of registration. Several dates will be scheduled. It is important that you and your child attend one of the scheduled dates; otherwise your child may be prevented from participating when the season starts.


         TRAVEL UNIFORMS: The RLA provides uniforms for boys and girls travel teams.  A $150 uniform deposit in the form of

           a check is required at the time of uniform pick-up.  Uniform distribution will be announced upon final team selection.



The RLA is committed to the ideals of good sportsmanship, citizenship and character in teaching the sport of lacrosse and has adopted a “zero tolerance policy” for conduct, which is inconsistent with these ideals.  The RLA’s Code of Conduct is available on our website (  Each player, coach, parent, guardian and other family member should familiarize themselves with the Code of Conduct prior to participation in the RLA.  Adherence to the RLA Code of Conduct is mandatory for players, coaches and spectators.



We need your help! The RLA is a volunteer organization. The success of our programs depends almost entirely on parent participation, without which we would not be able to operate.  Many volunteer opportunities do not require an in-depth knowledge of the game.  Lax Day, on April 25, 2015, is the highlight of the RLA season.  Preparation for this all-day festival is extensive and requires many volunteers.  Similarly, we need new coaches each year for our clinics and house programs, in particular at the 2nd and 3rd grade levels.  Training is available for those who would like to develop their lacrosse-specific coaching knowledge.  Please indicate your willingness to help with Lax Day or to coach by completing the volunteer section of the online registration form.



Each year, the RLA awards two scholarships, one to a graduating member of each of the RHS boys and girls lacrosse programs. For more information on the RLA scholarship, please visit our website at When you register please consider a contribution to the RLA scholarship. Your contribution will help us to continue this great tradition.


posted 11/22/2014
Girls coaches!!!!  It is a league requirement that you have your Level 1 Certification in order to be eligible to coach in the upcoming 2014-2015 season.  Please see local clinic opportunities to obtain this certification.

JGLA Enews

Level 1 and 2 USL Clinic Update

November 16    Robbinsville, NJ                                         Level 2

January 11        Chatham, NJ                                            Level 1

February 8        Monroe Twp (Middlesex County), NJ         Level 1

Date TBD          Glen Ridge, NJ                                          Level 1

Date TBD          Pequannock, NJ                                        Level 2

Go to to register.  Registration can be found under the Coaches Education tab.

Questions regarding upcoming clinics and certification may be forwarded to


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posted 11/08/2014
We need your bounce backs and goals!!
The Ridgewood Lacrosse Association would like to help you unclutter!
We are seeking Lacrosse Bouncebacks and Goals that are no longer being used by you or your family.
Please consider donating them to the RLA for use in our Clinics this coming spring (and hopefully years to come).
Please email   and arrange for a pickup of your equipment.

posted 11/08/2014
Upcoming Games